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Post Graduate Opportunity Linked to Pork CRC

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An exciting opportunity to conduct post graduate work on developing appropriate levels of methyl donors in the diets of breeding sows has become available at the University of Adelaide.

The project will be linked to a Pork CRC funded study investigating the benefits of supplementing sow gestation diets with betaine and other methyl donors on pregnancy outcomes and litter size and can be done as either a PhD or a Masters by research.  

The student will start in January 2009 and will be supervised by Dr William van Wettere, Dr Karen Kind and Dr Paul Hughes, all from the University of Adelaide.

Global Interest
“This is a great opportunity for a post graduate student to work closely with two of Australia’s largest pork producers, the Australian Pig Farms Group (APFG) and QAF, in a research area attracting global interest,” Dr van Wettere said.  

Interesting Area
Gestating sow nutrition and its effect on foetal development, litter sizes and piglet viability is very important to the success of breeding herds and has been highlighted by the Pork CRC and the pork industry as an extremely interesting area.

Gestation Diets
The research will determine if supplementing gestation diets with betaine and other constituents of the homocysteine cycle (Folic acid and Vitamin B12) increases litter size in older parity sows.  

It will also examine if betaine supplementation during the pre-mating period of gilts in summer can improve their response to boar stimulation (puberty attainment) and prevent heat induced litter reductions.

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