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Spaced out sows work it out
13.05.2015 - Australian researchers have demonstrated mixing sows at weaning, or after mating, has no long term effect on welfare, Pork CRC
Research indicates pork delivers better iron absorption and weight loss benefits
25.08.2014 - Associate Professor Samir Samman is a Pork CRC Project Leader in Subprogram 3B ‘Inherent properties of Australian pork to enhance consumer health’.
Pork CRC recommendations for successful sow group housing
01.05.2014 - Pork CRC recently conducted a series of workshops for pork producers and industry stakeholders on successfully transitioning to sow group housing.
Pauline Mooney joins Pork CRC Board
21.03.2014 - Pauline Mooney, Executive Director, SARDI, has been appointed to the Board of Directors of the CRC for High Integrity Australian Pork (Pork CRC).
Mutton chairs Pork CRC
09.12.2013 - Dennis Mutton is the new Chairman of the CRC for High Integrity Australian Pork (Pork CRC), taking over from John Keniry following his retirement.
Australia’s pork industry embraces the benefits of on-farm biogas energy
09.09.2013 - According to Rob Wilson, Leader of CRC for High Integrity Australian Pork (Pork CRC) - ‘Carbon conscious nutrient inputs and outputs’ Program, biogas energy suits the Australian pork industry because pork manure offers a high yield of biogas.
New Pork CRC manual on feeding group housed pregnant sows
01.05.2013 - Pork CRC has recently launched a manual on the feeding of group housed pregnant sows.
Pork CRC links pork producers across the Tasman
26.03.2013 - PigLink, supported by Pork CRC is a free series of informative and convenient e-seminars organised for the benefit of all stakeholders in the pork industry.
Animal health and welfare focus in SA pork alliance
26.02.2013 - A new alliance between the University of Adelaide and the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) aims to consolidate South Australia’s leading role in Australian pig research, development and extension.
Berkshire triticale a growing grain option in 2013
14.12.2012 - Pork CRC is supporting the commercial planting of a new variety of triticale that not only gives high yield but also has higher digestible energy content than available variet
Pork CRC predicts healthy future for Australian pork
13.04.2012 - Pork CRC has allocated suitable funding for short term innovation projects focussing on the health benefits of fresh pork.
Pork CRC presents the Pork CRC APSA Awards
06.01.2012 - Pork CRC presents Pork CRC APSA Awards at the 2011 13th Biennial Conference of the APSA Conference.
RSPCA approved Pork now available in Western Australia
05.01.2012 - Western Australians will now have access to more RSPCA approved pork from Linley Valley and Plantaganet Pork, according to Pork CRC.
Pork CRC 2010/2011 annual report exceeds industry expectations
04.11.2011 - The annual Pork CRC report highlights some great industry innovations and demonstrates the value of the CRC model.
Pork CRC sees scientists right in pig health research at 2011 Pig Vets meeting
04.07.2011 - Pork CRC is a major sponsor of the 2011 Australian Pig Vets meeting, supporting keynote speakers in their research into pig health research.
New Board for Pork CRC
29.06.2011 - The new Pork CRC (Pork Cooperative Research Centre) will have a new board effective July 1 with Andrew Spencer, Dr Hugh Wirth and Kenton Shaw appointed as Directors.
Pork CRC’s National Performance Benchmarking Program
26.05.2011 - The national performance benchmarking program initiated by Australia’s Pork CRC has helped experienced pig nutritionist Geoff Handley of Highspec Rural Services enhance production levels.
Pork CRC scientists consulted by pig vets
04.04.2011 - Australia’s Pork Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) has announced it would be a major sponsor of the 2011 Australian Pig Vets meeting in Melbourne in July.
Pork CRC nutrition research to pay producer dividends
28.02.2011 - Paying closer attention to nutrition in their pre and post weaning pigs promises to pay dividends for pork producers.
AusScan Technology from Pork CRC Assesses Grain Quality Efficiently
06.01.2011 - Pork CRC offers the innovative AusScan technology developed to rigorously assess grain quality before feeding livestock.
Carr Drives Pork CRC into the Future
16.12.2010 - Australia’s pork industry received a major boost with the announcement by Federal Innovation Minister, Senator Kim Carr that Pork CRC’s funding has been extended for a further eight years.
Testing Time for Stockfeed with Pork CRC’s AusScan Technology
18.11.2010 - New AusScan technology from Pork CRC is helping to improve the transparency of grain quality between buyers and sellers of stockfeed.
CRC Walana from Pork CRC: Super Pea in the Making
28.10.2010 - Australia’s Pork CRC (Pork Cooperative Research Centre) will be launching a new high-yield, disease-resistant field pea variety for commercial sowing next year.
Diabetic Test to Help Pork Producers
06.08.2010 - A simple glucose meter or glucometer, commonly used by diabetics to measure blood glucose levels is set to help Australian pork producers feed their pigs more efficiently.
Pork CRC makes bid for better pig welfare after research into sow management
14.07.2010 - Research supported by Pork CRC, Australia’s Pork Cooperative Research Centre, suggests changes to how sows are managed and mated in lactation may enable a smooth transition to group housing.
There’s Something about Pork
06.07.2010 - Dr Roger Campbell, CEO of Australia’s Pork Cooperative Research Centre, or Pork CRC is increasingly convinced that fresh Australian pork has a range of largely untapped health and nutrition attributes
Pigeon pair for Pork CRC at PPPE
29.04.2010 - Healthy pigs and healthy people are a ‘pigeon pair’ when it comes to Australia’s Pork Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) and its focus as a sponsor of the upcoming 2010 Pan Pacific Pork Expo (PPPE) on on Queensland’s Gold Coast from June 16 to 17.
Pork CRC co-developers of new high yielding triticale, Berkshire
31.03.2010 - To encourage the 2010 growing of Berkshire, the new high yielding triticale, meetings of triticale growers, agronomists, pork producers and feed mills were recently hosted by Pork CRC.
Pork CRC finds positive link between feeding encapsulated Zinc oxide and a reduction in post-weaning diarrhoea
19.03.2010 - Pork CRC has found a positive link between feeding encapsulated Zinc oxide and reducing post-weaning diarrhoea in piglets.
Pork CRC bring news on the forthcoming necessity for those involved in pig husbandry to have a pork industry passport
11.02.2010 - Pork Industry Training WA recently introduced 20 WA pork producers to the Pork Industry Skills Passport, which details a person’s pig husbandry skills and provides an employer with verification.
Pork CRC supports animal science student in her research to find an effective control for boar taint
04.01.2010 - With the support of Pork CRC, animal science student, Amy Lealiifano, has found that vaccinating boars for the second time with Improvac close to slaughter effectively controls boar taint.
Pork producers to benefit from comprehensive research by the Pork CRC
12.11.2009 - Australia’s pork industry is finally enjoying better times with rising pig prices, falling grain prices and a return to profitability, a situation enhanced by important research from the Pork CRC.
Pork CRC support new precise and productive feeding technology
05.11.2009 - New technology developed with Pork CRC support aims to bring precision livestock farming technology to piggeries across Australia and make pig feeding less of a mess.
Vital reasearch to reduce seasonal infertility has won the 2009 Science and Innovation Award
07.10.2009 - Michael Bertoldo, a Pork CRC supported PhD student at The University of Sydney won the award for his contributional research to reduce seasonal infertility, an ongoing problem for Australia’s pig indu
Pork CRC research proposals on target
02.09.2009 - Research proposals for 2009/2010 submitted to the Pork CRC have demonstrated its continuing relevance to Australia’s pork industry, according to the CRC’s Project Manager, Graeme Crook.
Fair range of Pork CRC research highlighted
05.08.2009 - Victoria’s pig industry was treated to the very latest in pig research when the Pork CRC presented its Program Update at the 2009 Victorian Pig Fair.
Pork production’s winter ‘weighs’
03.08.2009 - With most of us feeling the winter chill, the natural inclination for many of us is to tuck into the tucker and stack on a few extra layers of fat to protect us from the cold.
Pork CRC funded APP vaccine breakthrough a world first
11.05.2009 - A breakthrough vaccine delivery system for vaccination against the endemic pig disease Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae (APP) has been developed, with the support of Pork CRC.
Canola Meal breakthrough to benefit pork producers
24.04.2009 - A major technological breakthrough will help pork producers use canola meal more efficiently and give them the potential to use more of it in pig feeding rations.
PorK CRC appoint Research Fellow to improve herd feed conversion efficiency
21.04.2009 - Pork CRC have appointed Dr Craig Lewis as a Research Fellow working within their Programme Two to improve herd feed conversion efficiency. According to Dr Roger Campbell, CEO, Pork CRC, Dr Lewis’ high
New commercialisation manager for Pork CRC
06.04.2009 - Pork CRC has announced the appointment of Dr Rob Wilson as Manager of Commercialisation and Adoption.
New commercialisation manager for Pork CRC
31.03.2009 - Pork CRC has announced the appointment of Dr Rob Wilson as Manager of Commercialisation and Adoption.
Pork CRC - Battling Birth Weights and Priming Piglets
19.03.2009 - Reproduction is well represented within the Pork CRC, with approximately $2.6 million worth of funding to date.
Getting some selenium into the pork on your
19.03.2009 - Getting some selenium into the pork on your fork is the challenge facing Pork CRC funded ost graduate researcher Dhammika Jayasooriya as she researches ways to enrich pork with selenium to make it ava
WA agricultural scientist joins Pork CRC board
03.03.2009 - Pork CRC today announced the appointment of agricultural scientist Professor John Pluske to its board.
Pork CRC Exceeds its Targets
11.02.2009 - Three years of research has seen Pork CRC cutting the cost of pork production and enhancing the global competitiveness of Australia’s pork industry, according to Pork CRC Chairman, Dr John Keniry.
Where There’s A Will There’s A Way
03.12.2008 - An emerging international reputation as a centre of excellence for animal reproduction research is attracting graduate and post graduate students to pig research at the University of Adelaide, a development that will greatly benefit Australia’s pork
Maki Marks Milestone
03.12.2008 - Launching the new pea variety, Maki, with its high, stable yields and high quality protein was an important milestone for the Pork CRC and a big step forward for the Australian pork industry.
Post Graduate Opportunity Linked to Pork CRC
03.12.2008 - An exciting opportunity to conduct post graduate work on developing appropriate levels of methyl donors in the diets of breeding sows has become available at the University of Adelaide.
From the Top Shelf by Dr Roger Campbell, CEO, Pork CRC
03.12.2008 - The Pork CRC are currently in the midst of their Third Year Review, which will be followed by strategy meetings for the second half of the Pork CRC’s ‘first phase life’. These meetings will be used to decide where R&D funds should be invested for the
Pork CRC Helps Cut Costs and Push Production
03.12.2008 - At a time of great challenge for the Australian pork industry, research by the Pork CRC in the last year has reduced feed costs and improved herd production efficiency and is working to improve pork’s consumer appeal.
Randy’s Roadshow On Track
02.12.2008 - Randy Stoecker, former Western Operations President with Murphy Brown (Smithfield), the USA’s largest pork producer with one million sows, shared some valuable insights into the US pork industry and some potentially useful observations about Australi
Logically Feeding To Cut Costs
01.12.2008 - A major focus of the Pork CRC is reducing the cost of production and making the industry more internationally competitive. The Pork CRC has invested in two FeedLogic feeding systems and a major study using the system is about to be completed at the D
Better Cereal Suppy: Better Pork Profits
03.11.2008 - A major pork industry seminar has heard that improving the quality and supply of cereal grains is crucial to reducing the cost of production and improving productivity in the Australian pork industry.
Pork CRC Confirms that Value of Fat Enhances Performance in Finisher Pigs
29.10.2008 - A Pork CRC study from Project 2B 101 confirms the value of fat in enhancing the performance of finisher pigs.
Pork CRC’s Views on Ways to Improve Feed Efficiency
29.10.2008 - Pork CRC’s objectives include encouraging availability of better grain and developing pigs/systems that need less and less grain/ energy to produce high quality pork products.
Pork CRC Supported Research Identifies Dietary Betaine Alleviates Infertility
29.10.2008 - The aim of a study by Dr William van Wettere (University of Adelaide) and Dr Paul Hughes (SARDI), supported by Pork CRC, was to determine if supplementing gestation diets with betaine would alleviate the negative effects of high ambient temperature o
Dr Trish Holyoake Publishes Article on PMWS in Pork CRC’s Newsletter
29.10.2008 - Dr Trish Holyoake, University of Sydney has written an article in Pork CRC’s newsletter on how post weaning multi systemic wasting syndrome (PMWS) affects weaner pigs.
Pork CRC Outline Views on Declining Feed Efficiency in Pigs
29.10.2008 - Pork CRC challenged the forum held at the annual industry dinner hosted by WAPPA President.
Pork CRC’s Project Investigator Researches on Sow Productivity in Denmark
29.10.2008 - A new report from Australian researcher and veterinarian, Dr Trish Holyoake, has found how one of the local pork industry’s important competitors, Denmark, continues to forge ahead with sow productivity.
Pork CRC Supported Research Identifies Gilts and Sows at Risk of LPL
29.10.2008 - A published Pork CRC supported research at the University of Sydney indicated that parity (number of pregnancies), wean to service interval (WSI), lactation length and litter size weaned were risk factors for late pregnancy loss (LPL) in sows.
Teaching and Research Award to Pork CRC Program Manager
29.10.2008 - Professor Frank Dunshea, senior research scientist at the University of Melbourne and a participant in the Pork CRC, has been honoured as one of the 2007 recipients of the Minister’s Prize for Application of the 3R’s in Teaching and Research in Victo
2007 Pork Cooperative Research Centre Annual Conference Held
29.10.2008 - Opening the 2007 Pork Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) annual conference and update in Brisbane, CEO, Dr Roger Campbell, described researchers, including students as the industry’s future.
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