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Survey instruments from Laser Beams

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Laser Beams  offers laser systems, survey equipment, machine control equipment, GPS systems, software and accessories. Laser Beams supplies Topcon GPS+ which has the capacity to track both frequencies of all 24 GPS satellites and receive signals from the 14 GLONASS positioning satellites. GPS systems provide precision accuracy round the clock.

Laser Beams supplies a full range of survey instruments which includes Automatic Levels, Theodolites, Total Stations, Digital Levels and 3D-Millimeter GPS. Laser Beams offers a wide range of Automatic Levels for land surveyors, civil engineers and contractors. Automatic levels are available in several categories and are built for specific applications. Theodolites are waterproof and dustproof digital systems and can withstand any wet weather or dust conditions in the field. Survey instruments are designed using exclusive optomechatronic technologies.

Laser Beams also offers Topcon machine control systems such as GPS Systems 3D, Automatic Systems 2D, Indicate Systems and Add-on Component. Laser Beams supplies a wide range of accessories such as battery pack types lasers, barrier meshes, Berger hand levels, bluetooth instruments, field books, cable and pipe locators, carpenters levels, cartometer, Chartwell field books, sensor clamps, clinometers, compasses, cruising tapes, cut and fill rods, digital compasses, digital protractors, drainage lasers etc.

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