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Advantages of diesel generators

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PowerCare , a specialist provider of generators for home and commercial applications lists out the advantages of buying diesel generators.

Diesel generators are considered safe as diesel fuel is less explosive and has a much higher flash-point, greatly reducing the risk of a blast or fire. Durability of diesel engines is also ensured as they are built rugged while their fuel efficiency results in savings of up to 40% in fuel consumption.

Modern diesel engines have overcome the disadvantages of earlier models with concerns of higher noise and maintenance costs reduced significantly. Diesel engines score better than gasoline versions on several aspects including ruggedness and reliability, maintenance, fuel efficiency and lifespan. In addition to being more rugged and reliable, diesel engines have no spark plugs or spark wires, lowering maintenance costs. Fuel cost per kW produced is 30-50% lower than gas engines while the overall lifespan is 5-10 times longer than petrol engines. 

Key benefits of diesel engine generators over petrol generators:

  • Designed to run long hours in different environments
  • Powered by readily available fuel, which though more expensive than gasoline is actually more cost-effective
  • No sparkplug in diesel engines allows engine to be started safely
  • Less risk of fire and explosion than gas combustion engines
  • Diesel fuel burns cleaner than gasoline, is less flammable and doesn't evaporate quickly
  • Service frequency lower than petrol /gas engines
    • Low speed 1500 rpm water cooled diesel unit operates for 10,000 to 15,000 hours before maintenance is required
    • High speed 3000/3600 rpm air cooled diesel unit operates for 4,000 to 5,000 hours before maintenance is required

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