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Brushcutters from Powerup Lawncare Products

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Powerup Lawncare Products  provides quality Powerup Brushcutters designed using advanced technology. These are suitable for domestic and commercial applications. They can deliver high precision trimming with the help of polished steel drive shafts. There are different types of Powerup Brushcutters like the Powerup BCH25, Powerup BCH25H, Powerup BCH35 and Powerup BCH35H. Each differs with different specific features and they are field tested.

The Brushcutters from Powerup Lawncare are lightweight, durable and are fully supported with a polished steel to perform quality trimming. The BCH25 model provides high performance and it is powered by a Honda commercial engine. It has high and low frequency vibration dampening mounts and a solid steel straight shaft. The BCH25 model of Powerup Brushcutters features with a longer driveshaft life, a higher visibility, suitable for trimming under hedges, bushes, fence lines. It is engineering for resistance to torsion loads.

The BCH25H model of Powerup Brushcutters is also suitable for trimming under hedges, bushes, fence lines. The engine type found in BCH25H model is air-cooled 4 stroke Honda petrol engine with two piston rings and full, bearing supported chrankshafts.

Each Brushcutters fabricated by Powerup Lawncare Products are equipped with high and low frequency anti-vibration mounts at the clutch and handle. The full line of commercial heads and blades used helps to deliver the flexibility to manage any job.

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