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Lawn care solutions from Powerup Lawncare Products

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Powerup Lawncare Products  offers suitable solutions for the establishment, maintenance, fertilising and watering of a healthy lawn. Customers can receive effective advice about the type of grass that would suit the soil and other environmental factors in their area. There are many types of grasses available, yet the most common lawn is the green couch grass Cynodon dactylon. It is suitable for playgrounds, for formal lawns and for sports grounds.

Powerup Lawncare Products recommends Stenotraphrum secundatum, commonly called buffalo grass or broad leaf carpet grass for shaded areas. Customers need to prepare the soil for their lawns, as Sandy soil will require organic matter and clay soil will require gypsum. Soils must be levelled using a shovel. Soil ph needs to be checked, as lawns prefer a slightly acidic or neutral soil. Lawns should be fertilised regularly to ensure it stays healthy.

Prior to placing the grass or seeded, it is necessary to fertilise the soil with organic lawn food like the dynamic lifter. It is advised to plant a new lawn in spring or autumn to avoid the heat of summer and the cold of winter, when some lawns do not grow at all. It is recommended not to over-water lawns as this can lead to the development of fungal problems.

According to Powerup Lawncare Products a soil wetters can be very helpful in increasing the amount of water that penetrates the root zone. Aerating improves the lawns access to oxygen. This also helps new roots to penetrate the soil, allows in water and fertilisers.

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