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Cattle and sheep software from Practical Systems

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Practical Systems  provides Stockbook, a cattle and sheep software program specially designed to manage herds. This software program offers a complete record and analysis for commercial or stud livestock producers. The software is designed to meet all management requirements of modern farming businesses.

The Stockbook is an upgraded version of the existing cattle software, Cattle Plus. Stockbook features a full multi-species herd management capability that provides accurate records of all livestock species including cattle, sheep, goats and alpaca.

The Stockbook software from Practical Systems can be used to filter animals from a group with the help of distinct search criteria. The selected animals can be viewed for their breeding, performance data, history of herd management records and treatment activities entered against them.

Every version of the cattle software from Practical Systems is NLIS compliant and meets the necessary quality assurance requirements. The Stockbook software is available in versions to suit different applications and requirements. The stud edition of Stockbook provides a complete herd management system along with additional electronic links to various breed societies and performance recording systems including Breedplan, Lambplan, Kidplan and many more.

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