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Practical Systems  provides FarmMap, a software solution designed to help in the planning and visual recording of farm plans. FarmMap is suitable for paddock planning and feed budgets. It is an easy to use software as the instructions are user friendly and require little or no computer skills.

FarmMap, designed by Practical Systems, is a stand-alone mapping program that can automatically calculate paddock sizes. This software can collect and store required information such as locations and dimensions of water pipes, laneways, power lines and other components.

The FarmMap software can print maps in a single page for quick reference or multiple page maps for office contractors visiting farms. The FarmMap software can also measure distances to help farmers in planning the materials required for the building and maintenance of fences. The software has simple drawing tools that can help trace over fence lines.

Practical Systems has specifically designed FarmMap to assist farmers with environmental and property planning. The FarmMap software also has features where users can upload an image. These can be aerial or satellite photographs, scanned photographs or those purchased from a map provider. Images can also be uploaded from the GPS system.

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