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Precision Agriculture and variable rate application

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Precision Agriculture ’s approach to precision agriculture is to integrate spatial information with local knowledge (farmers and agronomists) in order to develop a strategy specific to each paddock and each farm.

They understand the need to offset a flexible approach to variable rate applications which may include sowing density, crop nutrition, crop protection, soil amelioration, irrigation and the like.

An increased knowledge of crop performance may also be used to assist other management decisions such as crop rotations, farm/paddock layouts, drainage design and machinery investments.

They see some general steps for implementing precision agriculture and variable rate application:

  1. Collect a history of yield maps and crop biomass maps
  2. Develop an understanding of the extent & stability of crop variation
  3. Conduct ground truthing to understand what is causing the variability
  4. Test the responses of managing this variability 
  5. Apply variable rate application

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