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Fire pump services from Prime Pumps

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Prime Pumps  offer a range of fire pump products and services. The professional team at Prime Pumps is trained in designing, building and installing various fire pumping systems. It is necessary for fire pump systems to function properly, as there are rarely any second chances when a fire occurs.

According to Prime Pumps, each fire pumping system must be checked through proper services for vital operations after lying inactive for weeks, months or even years. Prime Pumps work with several major companies dealing with security systems across Australia in designing, building, installing and maintaining every critical fire pumping systems.

Prime Pumps are known for their fire pump products and repair services of all pumps deployed in building services including cooling towers, storm water, water pressure, sewerage and more. With over 20 years of experience, Prime Pumps provide a range of innovative designs of fire pumping systems.

Prime Pumps was chosen to design, build and install the systems for the Opera House. Prime Pumps also work with various well–known pump products and pump component brands. Prime Pumps are equipped with a professional team that can provide building services with regards to pumping requirements.

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