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Air-supported belt conveyer available from Pringles Ag-Plus

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Pringles Ag-Plus  supplies air-supported belt conveying equipment that has the ability to provide a controlled atmosphere around the product being transported. It is designed based on the hovercraft concept. The air-supported belt conveying equipment and other mechanical conveying equipment distributed by Pringles Ag-Plus are manufactured by F.A. Miller & Son's.

The friction is reduced once belt rides on a cushion of air that is caused once air is blown up through an air plenum under the belt. This concept of hovercraft is suitable to the full spectrum of material, from crushed stone to the finest food or mineral products. It functions at a rate of up to 3,000 tonnes per hour.

These air-supported belts can function at significantly steeper angles. The advantages of these air-supported belts conveying equipment includes a dust cover that enclose the belt without covering other moving parts and functions at a large unsupported spanning distance. The associated benefits are many, and the scope of usage is massive.

In the air-supported belt conveying equipment, the belt rides on a cushion of air, rather than skidding through a tube or running over idlers. These units are available in open trough design wither with or without flat covers with the belt running in the bottom half.

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