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Self-propelled sprayers from Pringles Ag-Plus

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Pringles Ag-Plus  supplies self-propelled sprayers specifically designed for commercial applicators and farmers. The self-propelled sprayers distributed by Pringles Ag-Plus are available with multiple operational features. The types of self-propelled sprayers available are the 4730 self-propelled sprayer and 4830 self-propelled sprayer designed and manufactured by John Deere.

These sprayers can be used in every cropping situation. Commercial applicators and farmers with agricultural automation needs can benefit from the equipment support service offered by Pringles Ag-Plus. The self-propelled sprayers from Pringles Ag-Plus come with large 36.6 metre spray booms.

The 4730 self-propelled sprayer model is particularly designed for those who require higher application with speed, yet a smooth ride. The booms in this model can be ordered in 80 feet, 90 feet and 100 feet configuration. It is highly suitable for farmers and commercial users. The sprayer function is being integrated into GS2 display.

The 4830 self-propelled sprayer is also designed for commercial applicators and farmers. It features with a GS2 display. These self-propelled sprayers are designed using techniques that enhance the production for farmers. The self-propelled sprayers supplied by Pringles Ag-Plus are manufactured according to industrial quality standards.

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