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Natural Hi-Ag gypsum from Processed Gypsum Products Australia

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Processed Gypsum Products Australia specialises in producing range of natural gypsum products like the Hi-Ag gypsum suitable for application in agriculture, horticulture and viticulture industries. The Hi-Ag gypsum is a natural Calcium Sulphate that can be used to enhance yields and soil structure.

Calcium Sulphate (Hi-Ag gypsum) has been used for years to improve soil structure and to provide essential nutrients for plant growth like the macro nutrients, calcium and sulphur. Processed Gypsum Products Australia supplies Hi-Ag gypsum in a solution form. Hi-Ag gypsum is beneficial for agricultural enterprises including horticultural, viticulture, market gardening and broad acre cropping.

The application rate varies for different application. The effectiveness of Hi-Ag gypsum depends on the exchangeable sodium percentage (ESP). According to laboratory soil test reading above 5 per cent of exchangeable sodium percentage (ESP) will indicate an improvement of soil structure using Hi-Ag gypsum.

A belt feed spreader can be used to spread Hi-Ag gypsum, the rate depend on various factors such as soil type, the cultivar to be grown and the nutrient supply. Processed Gypsum Products Australia develops Hi-Ag gypsum that passes through quality assurance programme for its consistency.

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