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Turf-Gyp from Processed Gypsum Products Australia improves soil structure

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Processed Gypsum Products Australia  produces quality raw materials such as the Turf-Gyp, a rich ground calcium sulphate suitable for short cut turf and lawn applications. The Turf-Gyp is designed to improve the quality and valued characteristics of turfgrass and lawns.

Once Turf-Gyp is introduced to the soil it instantly improves the soil structure for turf or lawn to grow healthier. As Turf-Gyp contains calcium and sulphur as sulphates, the two basic essential elements required for optimum plant growth.

According to Processed Gypsum Products Australia the calcium in Turf-Gyp helps in improving the soil structure and stability. It enables a free movement for water and air to move through the soil. This ultimately improves the growing environment for plants to produce a vigorous root system. Calcium is a macronutrient required in large amounts for optimum plant growth as it strengthens the cell walls of plants.

The sulphur present in Turf-Gyp is in the form of sulphate that is readily available for plant uptake. It is well-known that sulphur is an element required for healthy plant growth and is necessary for the production of chlorophyll. Processed Gypsum Products Australia recommends to customers to apply Turf-Gyp at a rate of 500 grams per square metre. It also varies depending on the soil that the turf or lawn is grown on.

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