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Prodriver offer tips for driving fence posts

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Manufacturers of the Prodriver hydraulic post driver, Prodriver , have some valuable tips when it comes to driving fence posts.

When driving long lines of split fencing posts relatively close together on fairly flat ground, Prodriver recommend taking the following steps:

  1. Sight the fence line
  2. Run a length of plain wire along the ground, 6” to the left of the sighted fence line 
  3. Attach a measuring chain, the length the split posts are to be apart, to the back of the tractor 
  4. Drive with the centre of the tractor on the sighted line, with the driver positioned to the right hand side using the side shift
  5. When the next post site is reached put the driver on the ground, lift the hammer, swing the auger around, slide the driver to the left until auger centre is 6” to the right of the plain wire line, release the pressure of the side shift ram, dig the hole, and drive the post
  6. Repeat along the line
When using a plain wire 300m - 400m long, and posts are 6m apart, 50-60 fence posts can be driven with no individual sightings.

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