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20/02/12 - Progressive Seeds offers Blue Dawn Brunswick grass seeds to create durable soft lawns.
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22/07/08 - Progressive Seeds provides high quality seeds of Strickland, a blue-green perennial, stoloniferous summer growing grass suitable for a range of soils. Strickland seeds are small and count at approximately 2 million per kilo gram.
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21/07/08 - Progressive Seeds specialises in distributing quality seeds like Swann, a widely adapted forest Bluegrass that is eaten by livestock. Swann is tolerant to heavy grazing and suitable for pasture.
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18/07/08 - Progressive Seeds supplies seeds such as the Blue Dawn (Paspalum nicorae), a rhizomatous perennial grass seed that can produce large quantities of seeds when fertility is high in an open lawn. Blue Dawn spreads through rhizomes or underground stems.

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