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Rhizomatous perennial grass seeds from Progressive Seeds

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Progressive Seeds  supplies seeds such as the Blue Dawn (Paspalum nicorae), a rhizomatous perennial grass seed that can produce large quantities of seeds when fertility is high in an open lawn. Blue Dawn spreads through rhizomes or underground stems.

It is suitable for the sandy and loamy soils in regions with good rainfall as in south-east Queensland and the north coast of New South Wales. Once the perennial grass is spread, it starts to produce seeds when nitrogen fertility runs down. It spreads by seed and expands by rhizomes and produces a turf or groundcover with attractive bluish colour.

According to Progressive Seeds studies, Blue Dawn has proved to adapt on the sandy soil around Stanthorpe. Blue Dawn has grown well for years at Gympie, Grafton, Stanthorpe and Toowoomba. It is cold, drought tolerant and moderately frost tolerant. Blue Dawn has the ability to suppress weeds such as blue helitrope.

During heavy frost, Blue Dawn browns off, but during warmer winter weather it changes to green and recovers rapidly in spring and with good rainfall following dry periods. It is tolerant of moderate shade and can grow to about 30 to 40 centimetres in height. It is edible for livestock and wildlife.

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