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Stoloniferous summer growing grass seeds from Progressive Seeds

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Progressive Seeds  provides high quality seeds of Strickland, a blue-green perennial, stoloniferous summer growing grass suitable for a range of soils. Strickland seeds are small and count at approximately 2 million per kilogram. Quality hay can be made from the grass.

Strickland can produce runners to 2.5 metre long during the wet season, foliage to 70 centi metre and flowering stems measuring to 1.3 metres. It is a protected variety that falls under the Plant Breeders Rights Act 1994. Progressive Seeds has the production and marketing rights for Strickland seeds.

According to Progressive Seeds, Strickland seeds are suitable for areas that receive an annual rainfall of over 550 millimetres. Trails has been successful, when the seeds were planted in places like central and north coast New South Wales, southern inland Queensland, coastal southern Queensland, sub coastal north Queensland and the Top End of the Northern Territory.

Progressive Seeds recommends customers not to sow the freshly harvested seeds as it is usually dormant. Once Strickland seeds are established, pastures can survive prolonged periods of drought. Strickland can be planted any time after soil temperatures reach 17 degree Celsius.

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