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Swann forest Bluegrass from Progressive Seeds for pastures

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Progressive Seeds  specialises in distributing quality seeds like Swann, a widely adapted forest Bluegrass that is eaten by livestock. Swann is tolerant to heavy grazing and suitable for pasture. The native of Swann (Bothriochloa bladhii) is Africa, India, Australia and the Pacific. 

Swann is a perennial tussock grass suitable for growing in well drained regions with less fertile soils, with an average rainfall of about 550 millimetres. Swann is readily differentiated by a variety or macro and micro morphological characteristics. It can be used to control erosion particularly on fertile soils. Swann always responds to nitrogen fertilisers. Swann can raise the carrying capacity of infertile soils. 

Swann seeds from Progressive Seeds are tolerant to drought but not to water logging. It can survive during the seasonal frosting though the culms may be frosted. It is also widely tailored than to grow in a rage of soils from Inverell in the south to Innisfail in the north and west to Roma. 

According to Progressive Seeds improved pasture is an efficient method of feeding livestock, thereby increasing the productivity. With the diverse climatic conditions of Australia it is a significant contribution to pasture improvement. Once the pastures are improved it increases the growth rates of livestock, milk production and fertility.

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