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Custom Feed and Premix Formulations from Propharma Australia

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Propharma Australia  offers custom manufacturing and blending services for stockfeed, veterinary, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Their Animal Nutrition manufacturing facility supplies high quality nutritional additives and supplements for livestock and pets.

Custom feed and premix formulations involve contract manufacturing of speciality premix formulations such as vitamin and mineral premixes in liquid and powder form for all species of animals including primate, equine, bovine, porcine, avian, canine, feline, ruminant, monogastric and aquaculture.

Custom feed and premix formulations are supplied for agri-businesses, feedmills, farmers and feedlots.

Key services:

  • Nutritional advice
  • Milling and sieving
  • Blending and packing
  • Small, customised production runs


  • Electro G
  • Weather Shield
  • Weather Shield – Horse
  • Weather Shield – Alpaca


Calcium and Phosphorus

  • Plays a key role in bone development
  • Adequate calcium and phosphorus are needed for healthy teeth and bones
  • Being the major mineral components of the skeleton, long-term deficiencies of either can cause bones to weaken and decrease weight gain


  • Proper enzyme and nervous system function
  • Efficient carbohydrate metabolism
  • Deficiency can result in nervousness and muscle tremors

Sodium and Chloride 

  • Salt is required for the regulation of body fluids
  • Chronic shortage of salt can lead to decreased appetite and water intake causing dehydration  


  • Component of amino acids such as methionine, cystine and cysteine, vitamins such as biotin and thiamine and many important body substances such as heparin, insulin, coenzyme A and chondroitin sulphate
  • Concentration of sulphur containing amino acids is highest in the hoof and hair, which contain the protein keratin. Keratin contains 4% sulphur and is necessary for the maintenance of the skin, hair and hoof, helping to give strength and hardness to these protein tissues.

Micro Minerals Cobalt 

  • Incorporated into vitamin B12 by micro-organisms in the gut
  • Primary deficiency symptom is loss of appetite and poor growth  


  • Required for connective tissue and iron utilisation
  • Copper deficiency can lead to anaemia as well as bone and joint problems
  • Deficiency can also cause dull, discoloured coats


  • Essential mineral for function of thyroid hormones that regulate energy metabolism and growth
  • Iodine deficiency causes goitre (an enlarged thyroid gland), which shows up as a swelling of the throat


  • Primary component of blood haemoglobin
  • Iron deficiency causes anaemia, making the animals weak and listless


  • Required for cartilage development and proper utilisation of other trace minerals
  • Manganese deficiency can cause cartilage and bone deformities in growing animals


  • Antioxidant properties increase the animal’s immunocompetency (disease resistance)
  • Selenium deficiency can lead to white muscle disease in newborn animals and reduced reproductive performance in adult animals  


  • Component of many enzymes and important for healthy skin, bone, hoof, connective tissue and reproduction
  • Zinc deficiency causes reduced appetite and growth in young animals in addition to poor hoof and skin growth as well as reproductive problems

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