Propharma Soluble Vitamin and Mineral Supplements for Milk Fed Calves

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Calf Supplements

Benefits of supplementation
Providing supplementation to young stock helps to boost the levels provided by whole milk or milk replacer to supply optimal nutrition for calves during their important growth period.

Calves ability to synthesise some vitamins and minerals in the rumen is limited initially, however it develops rapidly when solid feed is introduced to the ration.

Calf Supplements
Calf supplements from Propharma contain 13 essential vitamins (including the B-group vitamins) and 8 trace minerals.

Protection from coccidiosis
Propharma’s calf supplements also contain Bovatec, an ingredient that provides protection from coccidiosis. It does this by:

  • Preventing intestinal damage by killing coccidia during early stages of their lifecycle 
  • Permitting optimal intestinal absorption of nutrients needed for growth and overall good health
  • Aiding early rumen development in young calves.

Pack Sizes
Nutritional Supplements are supplied in:

  • 20kg buckets
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