Propharma Weathershield loose lick vitamins

High quality nutrition for your valued livestock
High quality nutrition for your valued livestock
High quality nutrition for your valued livestock Weatherproof for ease and open grazing Essential health for Perennial Ryegrass Toxicosis management Delivering the best vitamins and mineral to your animals
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Weather Shield Loose Lick Supplements

Propharma’s Weather Shield Loose Lick Supplements are a great way to provide ad-lib minerals and vitamins to cattle, sheep, horses, alpacas and goats.

Weather Shield replaces the missing nutrients that are crucial to maintain healthy animals
This means that Weather Shield Loose Lick Supplements provide a very efficient and cost effective form of supplementation.

The outcome of which is the animal will only take as much as they need according to its individual needs.

Weather Shield mineral supplements are weatherproof and have been designed to be fed out in self draining troughs, making it ideal for open grazing situations.

Ensure farm animals are kept healthy all year round
Propharma Weather Shield animal health supplements provide a full range of vitamin and minerals including:

  • 4 Horse Supplements - For horses and ponies
  • 5 Alpaca Supplements - For alpacas and llamas
  • 1 Cattle Supplements - For dairy cows, replacement heifers and beef cattle
  • 3 Sheep Supplements - For grazing and feedlot sheep, it contains no added copper
  • 2 Dry Feed Supplements - For cows prior to calving to supply available magnesium and phosphorus with minimal calcium content, reduces the incidences of Grass Tetany and Milk Fever
  • 6 Goat Supplements- For goats

Weather Shield Loose Lick Supplements can be customised for individual requirements and geographical regions.

Safely and effectively feed your livestock with loose lick supplements
Weather Shield livestock feed supplements can also be used as a convenient and effective means of managing some of the challenges associated with the condition known as “Ryegrass Staggers”, or more accurately as Perennial Ryegrass Toxicosis (PRGT).  

This is achieved by including a toxin binder that counters the endophyte toxins within the affected fodder. Stock can safely consume the same fodder without experiencing PRGT symptoms.

Weather Shield Loose Lick Supplements are supplied in 25kg bags.

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