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Milk processing services from Provico

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Provico specialise in milk replacements for the agricultural sector. Provico offer milk processing and supply raw ingredients formulated with animal nutrients that can be used as quality milk replacers.

Provico specialise in calf milk replacements for rearing beef calves and dairy heifers. The usage of quality ingredients and constant research in performance oriented milk replacers have helped Provico in supplying quality animal health products for baby animals.

Provico also provide husbandry and nutritional advisory services. The main focus is on calf rearing and calf nutrition management. In calf nutrition, the main feature is the replacement of fluids or electrolytes for stressed or sick calves. A common reason for electrolyte replacement is enteric diseases or stress due to transportation. Provico can provide suggestions to the rearers on rehydration strategies in stressed calves.

Provico get their technical support from the global researcher, Provimi. Provico prepare and initiate specialty feeds for the livestock industry. Provico‚Äôs products consist of original nourishment additives and nutrient complements. The major categories of Provico include Bovelyte, Provilac Gold CMR, Biocalf, Prebiotic Food, Calfcare Prebiotic Food, Provilac Silver CMR and Provilac Shepherd LMR.

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