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ProviCo appointed exclusive distributor for Performance Probiotics in Australia

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ProviCo  has been recently appointed as the exclusive distributor for Performance Probiotics in Australia. Performance Probiotics is a world leading supplier of biological products to the livestock industry, with unparalleled expertise to aid feed digestion in cattle.

ProviCo’s General Manager, David Reynolds explains that prices across the entire Performance DFM range has been revised to sync with the current farm-gate milk pricing climate, resulting in lower prices and effectively reducing feed input costs.

As the new distributor for the Performance Probiotic range, which has been under-represented in the field, ProviCo is assembling a new and experienced sales team, which will focus on herd nutrition and health. The field staff will work alongside consulting nutritionists and work directly with farmers who require nutritional support for their operations.

ProviCo will also be making the Performance range more accessible to farmers via its national distribution network of rural resellers to greatly improve availability of the product regionally.

Performance Probiotics products are better known under the Healthy Herd brand in Australia. Dairy farmers vouch for the efficacy of Healthy Herd and Fire Up added to the feed with benefits including better transition from pre-calving to full production, better hooves, better stress management in environment and feed extremes, fewer sick cows and lower veterinary costs.

Fibre and starch digestion in the rumen, nutrient absorption in the intestine and a healthy gut are necessary requirements to optimise feed efficiency in the cow. The unique combination of protected yeast and bacteria plus added digestive enzymes and the delivery of live microorganisms within the animal underpin the success of the Performance Direct Fed Microbial product on farm.

Farmers have reported that cows have greater feed conversion, resulting in more litres and higher milk components when feeding the Healthy Herd product range. They also have fitter and healthier calves with a stronger constitution to combat diseases, less mortality, more eagerness to forage and utilise calf meal and pasture hay whilst using the Healthy Calf products.

David Reynolds explains that live yeast has different outcome to dead yeast in the rumen and can significantly contribute to the reduction of rumen acidity, as well as increase fibre digestion.

Rumen digestion is aided with the addition of digestive enzymes to break down starch and fibre. Also, micro-encapsulated bacteria are released in the intestine to aid microbial balance and gut health, which provides a healthy environment for the absorption of nutrients. Put together, all these factors in the Performance Probiotics range provide the required results in dairy farming.

With better pricing, increased field representation and technical support along with greater access through their rural reseller network, Performance Probiotics is now better positioned to build healthy dairy herds across the country.

Tiffany Gordon is responsible for co-ordinating sales of the Performance Probiotics range while the ProviCo Production Animal Specialist team is being assembled.

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