RAU Stand Easy

The stand easy Animal immobiliser was developed after much scientific research, for Veterinarians and Stockmen, for the safe and effective immobilization of bovine and equine animals.


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23/08/13 - The RAU Stand Easy cattle safety immobiliser is an innovative device that immobilises cattle to allow the handler to brand, castrate, band, dehorn, treat minor wounds, mother calves or trim hooves in safe, humane conditions.
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14/06/12 - RAU Stand Easy presents the hugely popular cattle safety immobilisers designed to enhance safety while carrying out various tasks such as branding, castrating, banding, dehorning, ear tagging, motheri
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24/08/11 - Stand Easy animal immobilisers are engineered for the tough working conditions which are encountered when working with large animals.
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25/07/11 - The Stand Easy animal immobiliser safely immobilises animals so that veterinarians and stockmen can carry out their work.
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