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New cattle safety equipment: the Animal Immobilser from RAU Stand Easy

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Now available from RAU Stand Easy , the Animal Immobiliser is a piece of cattle safety equipment which delivers a low level electrical current that keeps the animal immobilised for the duration of the pulse.

The low level electrical current delivered by the Animal Immobiliser stimulates the animal's natural nervous system's response to muscle constriction. This piece of cattle safety equipment is ideal for cattle restraint during:

  • branding
  • dehorning 
  • drenching
  • castration 
  • face and mouth inspections 
  • grooming and shearing 
  • hoof trimming
  • minor treatment procedures 
  • mothering a calf
  • sheath trimming and cleansing; and 
  • treatment of mastitis.

Nervous, injured, stressed or fidgety cattle are unpredictable and difficult to work with. This immobiliser will cause the animal to stand still, allowing a much safer working environment.

With the RAU Stand Easy Animal Immobiliser, both the user and the animal will experience lower stress levels as experience shows that the heart rate is constant while immobilised.

Another benefit of this immobiliser is less weight loss, which translates into heavier animals and higher profits.

This cattle safety equipment contributes to a reduction in injuries as well. Users of this product have reported fewer injuries when they immobilise their animals, which in turn has translated to lower medical costs and less down time.

Procedures can be also be more properly performed and completed much faster when an animal is immobilised, not to mention the device allows users to perform procedures they would not normally attempt for difficulty and safety reasons.

The Animal Immobiliser is simple to operate and reliable, wtih steel casing and sealed electronics to ensure a quality, long life, product. The units also come with a three year parts and labor warranty.

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