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Stand Easy animal immobilisers - how do they work?

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RAU Stand Easy  animal immobilisers are engineered for the tough working conditions which are encountered when working with large animals. The electronics are sealed and encased in a steel protective shell which in turn, is encased in the steel casing of the pulse generator.

Stand Easy animal immobilisers are powered by a low voltage current supplied by a 12 v rechargeable battery. A gentle electrical pulse is applied via the rectal probe which is inserted into the rectum of the animal to be treated.

As the signal is increased, the animal will be immobilized more and more until the animal is under control. Only the ‘voluntary’ muscles are affected. In other words, ‘Involuntary’ functions such as heart and lungs are not affected and the animal is not harmed.

Once the pulse is applied, immobilization is immediate. In addition, animals will return to normal as soon as the pulse is switched off or the probe is removed.

This unit works on all animals. Individual reactions to the animal immobilisers may vary, but the end result is the same. The operator just needs to observe the reaction of each animal and use that as a guide. Operators shouldn’t rely on presetting the pulse generator.

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