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Spreaders and sprayers from Agimports

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Agimports  offers a wide range of field sprayers and spreaders for the agricultural industry. Agimports supplies Vector high clear brand new clearance equipment which consists of 300 hp 8.3 litre Cummins engine.

Vector high clear from Agimports has six speed Allison automatic transmission, two speed Marmon Herrington drop box and four wheel drive with air shift controls. Vector high clear has the option of row crop and wide tyre with bumper to bumper service.

Agimports offers 1253 Terragator, a 3160 Caterpillar engine. 1253 Terragator consists of Allison automatic transmission. 1253 Terragator is Falcon Controller, new cab and variable rate multispreader.

Agimports offers other equipments like Hough 60 F.E.L (JH60B) which consists of a new bucket, good tyres and spares. Hough 60 F.E. L (JH60B) is recently rebuilt throughout. Hough 60 F.E.L (JH60B) consists of 350 big cam Cummins engine for high performance.

Some of the heavy equiptment sold by Agimports includes 2004 SPX 4260, Case IH FLX 4300, 1253 Terragator, 1997 1844 Terragator, 1992 1664T Terragator, Bredal Multispreader, spraying system, Ford F250XLT, 2005 SPX 4410, 2004 SPX 4260, Case SPX 4260, 2004 SPX 4260, 1844 Terragator, 1989 Freightliner, 1992 1664T Terragator and Ford Louisville.

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