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Industrial weighing devices from RDS Australia

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RDS Australia  is a pioneer in the production of electronic weighing devices which can be fitted in trucks and industrial loaders. These weighing devices can be used in sectors such as agricultural, industrial, mining and construction. Installation of these devices is also handled by RDS Australia.

RDS Australia makes exclusive industrial weighing scales. The Loadmaster series of loader scales, manufactured by RDS Australia, is used internationally. Loadmaster 9000, Loadmaster 8000i and Loadmaster 800i are the three devices that belong to the wheeled loader scales category.

Loadmaster 9000 is a trade approved scale for wheeled loaders. The important features of this device include automatic functioning, speed-compensation, dynamic weighing, overload logging, net weighing and a multilingual, weighbridge management compatible software. The usage of this device results in many benefits that include correct measurement of load at the first instance, reduction in weighbridge queues, avoidance of needless vehicle movement, easy maintenance of weighbridge tickets and improved efficiency of the loader operators.

Loadmaster 8000i is a user-friendly and intuitive weighing system with an optional telemetric capability. This device has many new features including a LED backlit screen and a protected display screen, which displays bucket and target loads. Loadmaster 800i incorporates the latest technology and is easy to operate.

Another weighing system called Loadlog 500+ is available from RDS Australia. This device can be used in front-end loaders and back-hoe loaders. Other industrial products from RDS Australia include overload warning systems called AXLOG ALPHA and AXLOG ALPHA+, load sensors for forklifts, speed and distance metres and a sturdy on-board printer.

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