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RDS Australia offers agricultural weighing devices

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RDS Australia  is a manufacturer and supplier of trade-approved, on-board precision weighing systems. These electronic weighing systems are used in trucks and loaders. Apart from weighing devices, RDS Australia manufactures agricultural monitors and controllers.

RDS Australia’s agricultural devices include RDS CERES 8000i yield monitors, SAM 100, SAM200 and SAM400 monitors, Spraymaster 200, Delta 34i spray controllers, Weighlog 100 and Weighlog 200 farm weighing devices and on-board printers. RDS CERES 8000i is a multi-functional controller, which can be configured as a yield monitor while harvesting or as a rate controller in sprayers, moving belt spreaders and airseeders.

SAM 100, SAM 200 and SAM 400 are the three types of speed and area monitors, which are very useful to contractors and farmers. RDS Spraymaster 200 is a liquid spray controller compatible with electronic and manual sprayers. Delta 34i spray controllers help to minimise cost by enabling accurate spraying. They can also store data.

Weighlog100 and Weighlog 200 are weighing devices that measure weight by calculating the hydraulic pressure. These systems weigh, display and store the net weight lifted. These equipment can be used in either dynamic or static modes.

RDS Australia also supplies an on-board printer, which can be used with many of the RDS Australia equipment.

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