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RP Self Locking Headlocks for dairy herd management available from RP Rural Engineering

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RP Rural Engineering are suppliers of a wide range of herd management systems, including RP Self Locking Headlocks; a system designed to add another dimension to dairy herd management and the way farmers utilise feed and control wastage.

Designed to work on concrete feed pads and freestall sheds, RP Self Locking Headlocks have many advantages, including:

  • feed wastage is minimised and leftovers can be scraped and fed to other stock
  • grain and concentrates can be mixed with forages and fed without wastage
  • cows can feed at their own pace without more dominant cows controlling large areas of feed
  • feed canot get into cow lane which eliminates any mixing of feed and manure and simplifies the pumping process
  • the entire herd can be restrained or released automatically, saving on labour for regular tasks such as injections, pregnancy testing, drafting, and vet examinations
  • cows can also be released individually, as can fallen cows
  • one lever operation locks the headlocks or alternatively allows cows to go in and out freely
  • cow flow through the dairy is constant as there is no herd work carried out there
  • can be set up in heifer paddocks for artificial insemination and pregnancy testing.
RP Self Locking Headlocks are also ideal for keeping cows calm, as cows that are restrained and fed their usual ration are much more placid than than those removed from the herd and feed area for treatment purposes.

Manufactured in Australia, the key features of RP Self Locking Headlocks include:

  • heavy section steel construction
  • hot-dip galvanised after welding
  • support posts and fitting attachments available
  • panels supplied fully assembled
  • each panel holds five cows.

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