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Steel supply facilities from RPG Pipe

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RPG Pipe  records all the parts used in its manufacturing processes. The database tracks these items at any point of time in the future as per requirements. The complete computerised production machinery used by RPG Pipe can cut aluminium, steel plate, stainless steel and non-ferrous steels, with a thickness ranging from 1.2 millimetres to 400 millimetres. RPG Pipe can also cut aluminium, stainless steel, steel plate and non-ferrous steels into any shape as required.

RPG Pipe at present manages 2 6-Head CNC Oxy Profilers and 8 Head Oxy machine. These machines operate on a 9 metre x 24 metre bed providing some of the most diversified Oxy profiling capabilities in the country. The 8 head machine offered by RPG Pipe is also fitted with a bevelling attachment which is capable of automated beveling to 45 degrees in the course of a variety of plate grades and thickness. RPG Pipe also provides double bevels to its customers.

The brake pressing product from RPG Pipe are available in 120T x 4000 long, 300T x 4000 long, 300T x 6000 long, 500T x 6000 long, 600T x 3600 long, 640T x 6100 long and 700T x 8300 long.

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