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Headwalls and pipe fabricates from RPM Pipes

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RPM Pipes  specialise in offering innovative recycled plastic pipes. The water management products and plastic pipes from RPM Pipes are designed to save water and time. RPM Pipes offer high-density polyethylene pipes. The pipes offered by RPM Pipe are ideal for low-pressure applications like crossovers, pump wells, drainage systems for flood irrigation. The products offered by RPM Pipes include troughs, channel stops, float stops, headwalls, pipes and bay outlets.

Headwalls provided by RPM Pipes are made using a wide range of fibreglass materials. The headwalls made from fibreglass that gives strong headwall that are light in weight. Fibreglass headwalls withstands all types of weather conditions. It can be moved easily without the help of machines. The headwalls from RPM Pipes offers finished touch and it improves the flow of water. The headwalls designed by RPM Pipes provides complete package, pipes and it is easy to install.

RPM Pipes offer pipe fabricates. This help in fabricating the pipe into T pieces and pump wells or it helps in fabricating the pipe into any angle ranging from 45 to 90 degrees. The pipe fabricates offered by RPM Pipes can be moulded to Y junctions and manifolds.

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