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RPM Rural Products is Australia's leading provider of innovative livestock products and supplies. The company specialises in cattle crushes, gates, yard systems, cradles, fences and other items. RPM Rural Products. The brand for the man on the land. 


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08/02/13 - Calf Cradles from RPM Rural Products are designed to make the task of cattle handling easier on the back and hip pocket and guarantees safety for the animal and the operator.
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21/01/13 - The EHD Ultimate Air-Hydra from RPM Rural Products is a cost effective and simple cattle crush.
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02/11/12 - RPM Rural Products offer a range of yard panels and gates that are high in quality and value for money for every category of producer.
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31/10/12 - Loading ramps are available to suit every requirement and provide the perfect addition to a yard once installed.
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