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RWE Packaging specialises in the supply of packaging products for the wine industry.


Supplier news
30/07/08 - RWE Packaging offers cardboard dividers of different varieties. The models available are X191P, 140, BOUT002L, X146, X147, X148, X141, X145, X013 and X013. The X191P cardboard divider, from RWE Packaging, helps to fit a standard sized 12 x 750 millil
Supplier news
29/07/08 - The X155 carton, offered by RWE Packaging, is ideal for standard Claret bottles. The approximate turnaround of the X155 carton is 1-3 days. The X159 carton, provided by RWE Packaging, is suitable for L/WGT Burgundy bottles.
Supplier news
28/07/08 - RWE Packaging is a supplier of packing products for the wine industry. RWE Packaging offers a diverse range of tailor made products to customers as per their requirements.

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