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Training on renewable energy by Rainbow Power Company

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Rainbow Power Company , a New South Wales based firm, designs, manufactures and installs renewable energy source systems. Rainbow Power Company has been founded with an aim to provide affordable renewable energy source equipment and systems to people across Australia. As a corollary of this objective, Rainbow Power Company offers training programmes on renewable energy for individuals as well as corporates.

The courses offered by Rainbow Power Company include the Living with Solar Course, Appropriate Technology and Stand-Alone Power System Course, and Overseas Training Course and Designers Course. The Living with Solar Course is a weekend course designed for individuals with solar powered homes and properties. The course is aimed at simplifying extra low voltage DC power systems. The trainees are given guidance on the basic maintenance of solar power systems. Some of the topics handled in this course include solar panels, batteries, inverters and regulators.

The Overseas Training Course provides training for clients from foreign countries. Training is provided on various energy-related topics such as PV cells and solar radiation, PV modules, inverters, generators, lighting, wind turbines and micro-hydro generators. The Designers Course is a 5-day programme for designers of Remote Area Power Supply systems.

The Appropriate Technology and Stand-Alone Power System Course is a 28-day programme designed for people in the renewable energy business. All aspects of solar, wind, hybrid and hydro energy systems are covered in this course. This programme helps individuals to design and install renewable energy systems.

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