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Crop protection products from RainbowGreen

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RainbowGreen  supplies herbicides and spray products mainly to farmers, horticulturists and croppers. RainbowGreen operates from Muswellbrook, NSW. RainbowGreen functions without any retailers or agents and hence, its products reach customers at the wholesale rate itself.

The products supplied by RainbowGreen include an organosilicone wetter/penetrant that helps penetration of herbicides into woody-stemmed plants such as gorse and blackberry. This penetrant can be used with herbicides if organosilicone penetrant/wetter is mentioned in the herbicide usage instructions. The penetrant helps quicker uptake of herbicides by plants, improves herbicide performance against tough species, and helps stressed or soiled plants to absorb herbicides.

In the herbicides category, RainbowGreen offers products such as Metsulfuron Brush Control Herbicide, Cropmate Cereal Herbicide and Muster Herbicide. These herbicides are used to control brushweeds and broadleaf weeds (in grass pastures and commercial areas), ryegrass and some broadleaf weeds (in oats, wheat, barley, triticale and cereal rye) and broadleaf weeds (in winter cereal crops).

RainbowGreen delivers orders within two to four days, depending on the distance to be covered. Door delivery is done in all cases. Customers living in remote areas can choose to collect their orders from the nearest freight depot or from the drop-off place in the nearby town.

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