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RainbowGreen  is a Muswellbrook, NSW based herbicides and spray products manufacturer and supplier. RainbowGreen caters to the needs of farmers, horticulturists and croppers in rural areas. Penetrants/wetters and herbicides produced by RainbowGreeen can be used for a variety of crops such as wheat, barley, oats and other cereals.

RainbowGreen offers a range of herbicides, which includes Metsulfuron Brush Control Herbicide, Cropmate Cereal Herbicide and Muster Herbicide. The Metsulfuron Brush Control Herbicide is used to control brushweeds and broadleaf weeds in green pastures, native pastures and commercial areas. This non-toxic herbicide functions by preventing the cell division of weeds and thereby foiling its survival

Cropmate Cereal Herbicide is a non-toxic herbicide that is used against weeds in cereal crops. This herbicide can be used as a pre-sowing treatment for triticale and wheat and as a post-sowing mechanism for wheat, barley, oats, triticale and cereal rye. Muster Herbicide is again a non-toxic herbicide, ideal for winter cereal crops. Muster Herbicide can be sprayed using both ground and air sprayers. This herbicide can be used either by itself or in a combination with other suitable herbicides. Muster Herbicide is effective against more than 40 common weeds in cereal crops.

Since RainbowGreen operates without any retail agent, it is able to offer customers competitive rates.

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