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Metalsulfuron and Cropmate herbicides from RainbowGreen

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The Metsulfuron herbicide, available from RainbowGreen , is used for killing brushweeds and broadleaf weeds. The active ingredient in this herbicide is metsulfuron-methyl used at 600g/kg by weight. Metalsulfuron comes in the form of easy-to-handle granules that can be dispersed in water. The dissolved water provides weed resistance. Metsulfuron does not cause any harm to plants, human beings or animals.

RainbowGreen’s Metsulfuron herbicide works by stopping the cell division of weeds rather than having a poisonous effect on them. Based on the species, a weed might take anywhere between 6 and 12 weeks to be fully destroyed. Metsulfuron continues its effect on weeds for many months until the entire weed is destroyed completely. The maximum benefits from using Metsulfuron will be obtained when it added to a penetrant or a wetter

The main ingredient of the Cropmate herbicide available from RainbowGreen is chlorsulfuron, used at 750g/kg by weight. Cropmate is also available in the form of water-dispersible granules that can be handled easily. Like Metalsulfuron, this also does not cause any harm. Both Metsulfuron and Cropmate are packaed in wide mouth plastic jars. Defects can be easily identified in the packages and they have resealable caps. Each pack of herbicide comes with a measuring cylinder, scoop and an instruction leaflet.

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