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Ranbuild Barns Have got you Covered

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Ranbuild Barns come in all shapes and sizes. There are also different types of barns such as the traditional aussie style with a continous roof or the american barn with a unique stepped roof.

When you need something larger or want to add a mezzanine floor, then take a look at the range of Ranbuild Lodges. They are like a big brother to the barns and offer a host of additional options.

Whether its just play area in the back yard, a weekender in the bush, a workshop, stable or winery, Ranbuild has got you covered.

The Aussie Barn

A traditional Australian colonial shed with a corrugated iron roof.

AUB_1. The 3 m high, 3.8 m wide wings in 3.8 m bays make the Aussie Barn ideally suited for use as horse stables or stud stock enclosures.

AUB_2. Aussie Barns are easily configured to suit customer's special needs or applications. Add doors and windows to the centre section or annexes, an awning, ventilation or insulation just to name a few.

Aussie Barns also offer a variety of cladding profiles with up to 20 different colours. Because it's a Ranbuild, you can request to have them engineered for sub-alpine or cyclonic locations at time of quoting.

AUB_3. Aussie Barns are suitable for building in town as well. They make great workshops, storage areas, studios, shops or show rooms. Now you don't have to build just a plain looking shed.

This example highlights just some of the options and colour combinations possible.

Sorry about the blatant advertising, but this one looked so good, we couldn't refuse the offer to put a sign on it.

The American Barn

Similar to the Aussie barn except it has a unique stepped roof line. You can also have a choice of roof pitch on the centre section.

AMB_1. Don't be fooled by their good looks. Ranbuild barns are so strong; doors, awnings, stable partitions and mezzanine floors can be attached directly to the building.

AMB_2. Spacious, cool, bright, roomy; these are just some of the words used by people when they step into a Ranbuild american barn. This illustration clearly explains the reason for those comments.

The neat and sturdy galvanised steel frame will last for years with minimum upkeep. The chances of fire or termite damage is so low, these buildings are constructed in many areas without additional protection.

There is no doubt that Ranbuild american barns are simply bigger, cleaner, better looking and longer lasting than the alternatives.

AMB_3. Ranbuild aussie and american barns are purpose designed. They are not just stretched out domestic garages. That means you have a much wider choice of sizes, options, snow and wind loads.

Customers can choose their own combination of centre and annexe spans, and wall heights. In addition, there is almost no limit to length as this example shows.

Note that doors, windows and skylights can be added just about anywhere as well.

Please note that Ranbuild supply basic metal building kits. It is the purchaser's responsibility to choose a model to suit their location and assemble the kit . All illustrations above are examples of kits completed by purchasers. Not all options illustrated are supplied by Ranbuild.

Key Benefits

Ranbuild Barns are based on standard designs so engineering costs and production times are only a fraction of a custom made building.

Framing components are cold rolled galvanised steel sections that bolt together on site with high tensile zinc coated fasteners.

There are no welded trusses or painted structural components that are subject to corrosion or require periodic maintenance.

All fabricated (welded) components are zinc coated or hot dip galvanised after manufacture to maintain their integrity and anti-rusting properties.

External cladding is high tensile zinc coated steel, cold rolled into a choice of profiles with an option of twenty different COLORBOND® colours.

Ranbuild Barns can be engineer certified at a minimum fee for your building approval application.


The prices of Ranbuild Barns and their options are too great to list on this page. Please contact your nearest Ranbuild team who will prepare a no obligation quotation for your new building kit.

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