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Ranbuild cut its teeth on farm and rural sheds. Being rot and termite proof plus having a high fire resistance, they require almost no maintenance or up-keep. The cold rolled, galvanised steel "C" sections used in the main frame and for purlins and girts as well, allows clear spans of up to 30 m, with wide bays up to 9 m. All steel framing is factory cut and punched and cladding cut to length, then packed into an easily transportable shed kit. The clean lines, tough materials, versatility and range of sizes and options ideally lend themselves to the needs of agricultural sheds.

A-01. For the small to large farmer, Ranbuild machinery sheds, hay sheds, work shops and utility buildings are unsurpassed when it comes to protecting valuable assets. Open or enclosed bays, lock-up bays, roller or sliding vehicle access doors, personnel access doors, partitions, windows and roof lights are standard options. These buildings are available with coloured or plain cladding and almost any length using 6m wide bays or mixing optional bays from 3m to 7.6m long.

A_02. When it comes to specialized farm buildings, then Ranbuild are the specialists. Stock shelters come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and finishes for all sorts of livestock and conditions. Simple free-standing sun shelters provide cover to stock and the operator. Partly and semi-enclosed sheds offer a higher level of protection on more extreme or exposed sites.

A_03. Ranbuild can cover almost anything. If it is hay storage you are after, be they round, square or rectangular bales, Ranbuild have a building to suit. This illustration shows a small Duplex hay shed proudly built by the owner. There are many other types such as clear span gable or the low cost range of skillion roof varieties.

A_04. If you have a lot of gear to cover, then maybe one of Ranbuild's larger machinery sheds is the answer. There is tons of room in here with plenty to spare. The same range of features and options apply as other sheds including lock-up areas or enclosed bays. You may even mix different bay sizes to make the building fit your equipment.

A_05. For people who need extra security or just want absolute weather protection, Ranbuild have the answer. Sliding doors may be fitted to either side or end walls, or both. Ranbuild sliding doors are suspended off fully enclosed tracks and run on double, four wheel ball bearing carriages.

A_06. When the big boys come out to play, they don't muck around; neither do Ranbuild. Cotton or grain growers, earth movers or equipment dealers all need high walls, deep spans and wide bays. You won't find sheds like these in the average back yard, but out on the open plains these fellows think big! All in a days work for Ranbuild ( well, a few days anyway).

A_07. Many grain growers have built their own on-farm storage sheds. Now they can get the crop off and under cover before the weather closes in. This has been made an economical with the introduction of its Bulkstore range of grain sheds. With 20 degree roof pitch, tip trucks can operate within the building and the optional bulk-heads allow maximum storage to the apex. There are many other features of this range that can store upwards from 5000 tones of grain or bulk commodities.

A_08. Ranbuild Covermasters can be adapted to cover almost anything, including light aircraft. Ranbuild Hangars are renown for their excellent sliding doors that are 100% reliable and easy to operate. Ranbuild have sizes to suit most light aircraft brands and models.

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