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Ranbuild Industrial and Commercial Buildings – Laying the Framework

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The backbone of every Ranbuild Covermaster building is the robust galvanised steel frame. Roof purlins and wall girts are bolted between back-to-back columns and rafters with zinc plated nuts and bolts for extra strength and long life.

There are no welded trusses of fabricated columns taking up valuable internal space or creating potential weak points. Every frame is engineered to suit the application and environment so you always get the best value for money. Ranbuild frames last for years and years with minimum maintenance or upkeep.

When enclosed the way you want it, the Ranbuild frame becomes a solid building ready for fitting out. Vertical steel cladding with a galvanised or pre-coloured coating offers an economical, long lasting finish.

Ranbuild can include doors, windows, insulation, ventilation or many other useful options. This building features a 4.8m high roller door for large vehicle access.

Building sizes are virtually only limited to available space, your pocket or imagination.

Very large buildings like the one illustrated at right are usually Duplex style. They have internal rows of columns that reduce member sections to practical sizes. Large or small, all Ranbuild buildings feature the same clean lines, quality and value for money.

For commercial or industrial locations where open cover is required, Ranbuild Covermasters are the ideal choice.

The galvanised materials used in construction of this building will usually out last painted or fabricated steel. These sheds may be extended at any time with standard add-on bays so the low cost square metre rate is reduced even further.

Here is a nice building enclosed in Colorbond cladding. There are twenty standard colours to choose from in two profiles. All cladding is attached using hex head, self drilling screws fitted with neoprene weather seals.

External end and side wall sliding doors with fully enclosed tracks and ball bearing carriages allow full size openings that are always reliable and easy to operate.

Class and style plus! This owner wanted a shed with divided bays suitable for leasing to small business operators. He decided to make his building more attractive and added a showroom front with awning. The results look quite impressive and functional as well. Ranbuild have a nice range of awnings to choose from.

Here is another example of how a Covermaster shed may be adapted to suit a client's need. By adding some roof insulation and natural lighting, our customer now has his own Hardware and Garden business.

With sliding doors along one side and an office partition at one end, this building is very functional. All it needed was some desire, planning and a little help from Ranbuild.

The picture tells it all! Tons of clearance, floor space and options as well. This example shows two buildings fitted together to make a large retail complex.

Key Benefits:

No welded trusses or painted components that require periodic maintenance.

Pre-engineered, standard designs at much less cost than custom made buildings.

Recognized brand name that maintains its resale and investment value.

Standard components that may be replaced or added to at any time.

Fixed price contracts that don't end up running over budget.

Installation and erection service by licensed contractors.

Fifty years experience in getting it right the first time.

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