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Ranbuild Lodges, When a Barn is not Enough

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The Ranbuild Lodges and Pavilions are bigger, higher and wider than barns. The Ranbuild range of Lodges allow you to create a variety of sizes and styles not possible with the smaller barns.

"Strong, exciting, great potential" are just some of the words used by customers to describe Ranbuild Lodges. You can make a Lodge into an office, workshop, accommodation, showroom, stable or almost anything. Not just an over -loaded garage claiming to be a real building. Ranbuild Lodges provide full head room above and below load-bearing floors and internal lining.

L_37. Ranbuild Lodges make ideal weekenders or holiday units. They lend themselves to lining and fitting out to suit many needs. This Lodge has been converted into a permanent home by the owner. No termite or bush fire problems here.

L_10. Open to the extremes of nature is not a problem for a Ranbuild Lodge. In exposed locations, the Lodge will stand for years without maintenance. The double 150mm main frame and single 150mm sub frame gives a flush interior and exterior, making it easy to add windows, doors and internal lining.

L_18. Ranbuild Lodge kits may be modified by the purchaser to suit special conditions or just for appearance. Add insulation and they can be used almost anywhere. Ranbuild Lodges are available for sub-alpine, exposed inland or tropical cyclone areas. Metal buildings do not absorb moisture and do not require any special maintenance.

L_01. Add sliding glass doors, windows and internal lining to produce an accommodation building such as this magnificent example. Fade resisting pre-coloured steel won't crack due to soil movement, break from hail, ingress moisture, burn or feed termites. Save costs when building on remote or difficult sites. Basic building kits similar to this are delivered on one truck.

L_29. Ranbuild Lodges are suitable for building in or out of town. They can be adjusted to fit a surburban block by adding or deleting bays or one side annexe. Your local Ranbuild team can often help with arranging construction of your Lodge. With the building shell in place, you can begin fitting out yourself.

Another example of a Ranbuild Lodge insulated and fitted out for accommodation use. All lined, trimmed and painted by the proud owner. This photo shows how the purchaser used their own ideas and flair to create an open and functional living area. The simple stairs allow for good visibility and air flow through the building.

L_61. Ranbuild Lodges make great weekenders wherever they are. You can build them down on the farm, in the bush or just about anywhere. Ranbuild Lodges now have an optional wide eaves overhang for the upper and lower roofs. There are dozens of other options and accessories to help make the Lodge the way you want.

Right: L_99. A large Ranbuild Lodge used as a homestead with upper and lower level accommodation. The owner joined two standard building together at different levels to suit the sloping site. Above: L_101. Another Ranbuild Lodge converted into a home by the owner. Note the clever use of awnings to provide additional protection and covered outside area.

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