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The Ranbuild Stables are the best value building kits on the market. They offer a range of sizes, styles and options not possible with conventional sheds. Illustrated below are a sample selection of proven and tested stable designs available from Ranbuild.

Monoslope Stables

Skillion roof style monoslope stables are an alternative to the gable roof styles. They offer a lower profile and are a more economical design. Ranbuild monoslope horse and livestock stables suit owners with small numbers of animals or where segregation is required. Above: Twin HOR/SHEL01.

Enclosed Aussie Stables

AU 01. Aussie stables have a continuous roof line from the ridge to gutter. The centre section has a higher roof pitch than the enclosed annexes to increase air volume. The centre section in all Aussie stables is a clear span allowing unobstructed access. You can drive right through the building making it easier to clean and maintain.

Large Aussie Stables

AU 02. Another example of a longer Aussie Stable fitted with individual wall shutter for each stall. This one also has wind driven roof ventilators to assist air movement. Also notice the wide eaves overhang on the annexes allowing air flow beneath the roof cladding to reduce heat and condensation. There is almost no limit to the size of Ranbuild stables. The only constraints are the standard bay and annex dimensions of 3.8m x 3.8m.

Inside Aussie Stables

AU 03. Ranbuild Aussie Stables not only look good fom the outside, they look just as good inside as well. The clear, clean lines of pre-galvanised cold formed steel combined with Ranbuild's true and tested connections leaves nothing to be desired. With the combination of Durastall(TM) panels and partitions, your stables can be a show place as well as a safe and secure home for your valuable horses.

American Stables

AM 01. American stables have a stepped roof line where the annexe joins the centre section. The stepped roof provides additional space in the centre section for a loft or mezzanine floor. The American Stable at right has an awning along one side protecting the two-piece day-yard doors from sun or rain.

American Stables

AM 02. Here is a larger American stable with wall shutters rather than day-yard doors positioned in the side wall. This is just one of many standard variations and options available for Ranbuild stables. Like the Aussie stable building, the American stables are made in 3.8m bays. Any number of bays may be ordered now or in the future.

Inside American Stables

AM 03. This photo shows the stepped roof section from the inside. The area between the centre and annexe roofs may be steel or translucent cladding, or adjustable louvres. The distance between the two roofs may be increased to provide additional storage area if a loft or mezzanine floor is added. American stables may also be ordered with bird-proofed wide eaves overhang on the annexes. The unique design allows air flow beneath the roof cladding without creating a draught at animal level. All Ranbuild stables have the option of steel or timber clad partition walls. Use steel clad partitions to make a feed room or tack room. Use plywood or hardwood panels to line and divide the livestock areas. You simply choose what you want.

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