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Liquid fertiliser trailers and fertiliser spreaders from Rapid Industries

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In recent years liquid fertilisers have grown enormously in popularity. The reasons for this would be immediately obvious to anyone who has been following the research. If we look at Phosphorus for instance, calcareous and acid soils are widespread throughout Australia and are known to bind granular phosphorus and therefore making it unavailable for plant use.  However, test results have shown that in around 60% of soil types crop yield was improved using liquid fertilisers. 

Researchers in the field believe that crops find it easier to access the phosphorus when applied in a liquid fertiliser rather than in granular form.  As an example one highly respected research team found that where a granular superphosphate was used the amount of phosphorus in plant tissue was below the critical limit, where as when a liquid fertiliser was used to apply the phosphorus plant growth increased by upwards of 40%. But to take advantage of these great liquid fertilisers you need to be able to get them to where they are needed.

That’s where Rapid Industries range of liquid fertiliser trailers can assist.  Utilising RapidSpray tanks that are specifically constructed to give them a thicker wall to withstand the higher specific gravity of liquid fertilisers, these liquid fertiliser trailers are robust. They are hot dipped galvanised and of open frame construction.  High floatation tyres are used to minimise impact on pasture. Steerable or single axel options are available and these liquid fertiliser trailers come in sizes from a couple of hundred litres to 13,000 litres.

Liquid fertiliser trailers and fertiliser spreaders are available from Feed Miser .

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