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Rotowiper chemical application machines from Ravensdown

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Ravensdown , supplier of a comprehensive range of solid fertilisers, liquids, AgLime, Agrochemicals, Animal health and nutrition products and eco-n, introduce the innovative Rotowiper. 

These chemical application machines have been designed to deliver herbicides to specific target weeds in certain pasture and crop situations.

Manufactured and developed over many years using very high quality standards, the Rotowiper chemical application machines are environmentally friendly as they only apply  herbicide to the target species, which means much less chemical is used.  Rotation of the large roller prevents dripping and ensures a constant supply of herbicide.  

The Rotowiper chemical application machines can be used in conditions where other spray equipment may not be suitable such as in winds or where the herbicide to be applied should only contact the target species.  

Other features of these chemical application machines include:

  • Lightweight  machine, essential  on uneven surfaces. 
  • Large 45L tank allows to cover and control larger paddocks/crops. 
  • Long life with low maintenance. 
  • Large diameter wheels to ensure a smooth ride and minimum vibration. 
  • Widely spaced wheels giving greater stability on undulating ground. 
  • Forward mounted tank assists safety and traction when towed by an ATV.

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