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Raycol Geraldton  is a farm equipment manufacturer and supplier. Operating from Geraldton, Western Australia, Raycol Geraldton has been involved in agribusiness since 1975. A market leader in the sphere of manufacturing air seeding components, Raycol Geraldton exports its products to the US, Canada, Russia, Argentina, South Africa and New Zealand.

The products list of Raycol Geraldton includes adaptors, fertilizer blenders, disc seeding kits, primary heads - riser type and primary risers. Other components such as quick connectors, quick connector seals, R3 adjustable riser assembly, three types of secondary risers, rubber caps, splitters, spreading heads and plates, stainless secondary heads, round and square type U-Bolts, super spouts and Ys are also manufactured by Raycol Geraldton.

As most of these products, including the secondary heads, are made with quality stainless steel, they can withstand difficult climatic conditions as well as repeated usage. Blenders, which had been earlier made with zinc coated mild steel, are now manufactured with stainless steel.

Raycol Geraldton supplies quick connectors that can be used for standard 3, 4, 5 hose types. Connectors for non standard hose are also available. These can be fitted with adaptors. Raycol Geraldton provides over-centre clips with these connectors. A 304 grade stainless steel made quick connectors are also available.

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