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Fertiliser blenders and super spouts from Raycol Geraldton

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Raycol Geraldton  is a Western Australia-based farm equipment maker. Raycol Geraldton has been manufacturing agricultural components since 1975. Most of these components are made with high quality stainless steel to survive harsh weather conditions and frequent usage.

Raycol Geraldton makes super spouts that can be attached to airseeder bins with the help of brackets. These super spouts can be used with airseeders made by Flexicoil, Simpilcity, Horward Bagshaw, Concord, Forward, Morris, John Shearer and John Deere. These super spouts are also exported to countries such as Canada, Argentina, New Zealand and South Africa.

Raycol Geraldton supplies stainless secondary heads in various sizes. These units can be used either to set up a new airseeder system or to improve an existing one. Four types of secondary heads, namely, conical heads, horizontal heads, top entry and multi-functional are made by Raycol Geraldton. Rubber caps are supplied with all these types except top entry. The maximum number of outlets in these components ranges from 13-16.

Fertiliser blenders from Raycol Geraldton allow farmers to fix the amount of fertiliser to be used with the grains during the sowing process. These blenders can be fixed with adaptors to assist with any modification. As all these blenders are made with stainless steel, their durability is significantly increased.

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