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Bring batteries back to life with Recharge Battery Revitilizer

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article image One 450ml bottle can revive up to 10 N-70 tractor or 6 N-150 truck batteries (also available in 100ml and 2litre bottles)

Recharge Battery Revitilizer is an innovative product that extend the life of vehicle batteries and can be used to bring older batteries back to life.  According to Recharge Battery Revitilizer vehicle batteries treated with this product can extend their life by up to double and up to 60% of old batteries can be saved and recharged.  

Q. What is Recharge?

A. Recharge is a de-sulphation agent.  All lead acid batteries eventually die from lead sulphate deposits that build up on the internal battery plates. Recharge fights these deposits to extend battery life.  

Q. What causes sulphation?

A. Sulphation occurs when batteries are not kept fully charged. The charge holding sulphur ions float free and attach to the lead plates, causing them to corrode, deteriorate and eventually collapse.  

Q. How does Recharge work?

A. Recharge dissolves the sulphation deposits and releases them back into the electrolyte, enabling them to hold electrical charge again and reviving the battery’s charge-holding capacity.  

Q. How does Recharge prolong the life of batteries?

A. Recharge is best used as a preventative measure or conditioner.  It is an additive that, once dosed, remains in the battery to continuously fight sulphation and increasing life by up to 100%.  

Q. How likely is a failed battery to be saved by treatment with Recharge?

A. Up to 60% of failing batteries can be returned to full working condition. Recharge works best with batteries have are not used on a regular basis. Those that fail to revive have generally been left without use for too long and the corrosion has caused too much damage to the led plates.  It is recommended never to store batteries on earth or concrete floors.  

Q. How do I treat a battery with Recharge?

A. The battery is dosed with the required amount of recharge (as per instruction) and then placing on a trickle charger for 24 hours.  Treatment should be repeated once every 2 to 3 years.  

Q. How much Recharge is needed to treat an engine?

A. Recharge is available in 100ml, 450ml and 2litre bottles.  A 2 litre bottle will treat up to 80 car, 40 N-70 tractor or 25 N-150 truck batteries.

Visit the website or contact Recharge Battery Revitilizer to order and for further information on the applications of Recharge.

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