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Compost turners and waste disposal machinery from Recycle & Composting Equipment

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Recycle & Composting Equipment  is a leading Australian distributor of recycling equipment. Waste disposal machinery that can be used across various industries is available at Recycle & Composting Equipment. Compost turners, flail mowers, shreaders, grinders, spreaders, chippers, stump grinders and screening machinery are some of the machinery sold at Recycle & Composting Equipment.

Recycle & Composting Equipment houses various brands of compost turners from manufacturers such as Brown Bear, Frontier, Sittler and Slashbuster. Different types of compost turners such as skid loader composting aerators, farm tractor aerator/composters, large self-contained composting aerators, self propelled windrow compost turners and compost turner – fleece rollers are available. The machinery can be used in various locations such as agricultural lands, poultry farms, dairy farms and cattle yards.

In the grinders and shredders category, Recycle & Composting Equipment, stocks two types of machinery – Sundance Kid grinder/shredder and GME wood chippers. These grinders can grind construction refuse, paper, cardboards, wood waste, wet material, food waste and cattle yard waste. Most of the waste can be turned into usable compost or mulch.

Screening equipment available at Recycle & Composting Equipment can be used to screen soil, compost and minerals before packaging. Various models of stump grinders that can grind even the heaviest tree stumps are also available. Mowers from Rock Hound and shreaders for vineyards and orchards made by Virisimo are also available.

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